Education & Advocacy Committee

About the SCCHWA Advocacy Committee:

The Advocacy Committee is at the forefront of advocating for CHWs. Comprising dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, we are committed to shaping a brighter future for CHWs in our state.

Our Commitment:

At SCCHWA, we are firmly committed to the ongoing professional development and support of CHWs throughout South Carolina. The Advocacy Committee plays a crucial role in raising awareness, promoting policies, and advocating for the needs of CHWs.

Get Involved:

Active participation is key to our success. As a member of the SCCHWA Advocacy Committee, you have the opportunity to contribute your expertise and passion to our shared cause, while also opening doors to leadership within our organization.

Join Us:

Explore this page to stay updated on our initiatives, campaigns, and upcoming events. Engage with fellow committee members and actively participate in our advocacy efforts. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of CHWs and their communities.

Join the Advocacy Committee