Catawba Regional Group

The word Catawba means 'River People'.

Like the Indigenous Peoples who have lived on these lands for thousands of years, Community Health Workers are strong and resourceful.

Objectives & Goals:

  1. Build relationships with CHWs working in nearby communities
  2. Share resources

Why should you join us?


As CHWs and CHW Allies, we want to get to know the communities you serve.


We recognize that you, as CHWs, are leaders in your communities and would love to get to know more about you and the work you are doing. 


We would love to support your community events.


Send us your events, testimonials, and pictures to share on our website.

How can I send messages to my group?

To send messages within your regional group click here to submit a group e-mail?

How can I receive updates?

To receive constant regional updates on events, meetings, and training in your area contact your Catawba Regional Leader!

Catawba Regional Leader

If you are interested in becoming a Catawba Regional Leader, please reach out to SCCHWA!