Professional Development Committee

SCCHWA is committed to the ongoing Professional Development of South Carolina's Community Health Workers. Leading our work is the Professional Development Committee (PDC), which is comprised of SCCHWA members from around the state. The PDC meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

The PDC is committed to empowering Community Health Workers with the tools, resources, and training they need to excel in their roles and make a lasting impact in their communities. 
In 2024, the Professional Development Committee will begin offering Continuing Education opportunities based on areas of interest for SC CHWs. Look for workshops on Excel 101, Conducting Effective Meetings, and Grant Writing.

As an SCCHWA member, volunteering with the Professional Development Committee is an excellent pathway to leadership and involvement.


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Explore Past Workshops: Professional Development Archive

Welcome to our dedicated section for past workshops organized by the Professional Development Committee. Here, you'll find an enriching archive of previous sessions designed to enhance your skills, knowledge, and career growth. Each workshop is carefully curated with the aim of providing valuable insights and practical advice across a wide range of topics relevant to our professional community.

Workshop Title Recorded Video Access Supporting Documents
SCCHWA Microsoft Excel Training Session 1 Click Here To View Video Click Here To Access Document
SCCHWA Microsoft Excel Training Session 2 Click Here To View Video Click Here To Access Document