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Columbia Riverwalk

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Build relationships with CHWs working in nearby communities
  2. Share resources

Why should you join us?


Explore the essence of the Palmetto Region! Community Health Workers are invited to navigate through a curated selection of opportunities, events, and resources that highlight the distinctiveness of the Palmetto Region. Stay informed, get involved, and make an impact in the heart of South Carolina.


We want to get to know you, as leaders.


We would love to support your community events.


Send us your events to share on our website.

How can I send messages to my  group?

To send messages within your regional group click here to submit a group e-mail.

How can I receive updates?

To receive constant regional updates on events, meetings, and training in your area contact your Palmetto Regional Leaders!

Palmetto Regional Leaders

Email Kimberly Rawlinson

Email Romaine Anderson

Email Tamera Joseph