Credentialing Information
for Training Programs

 Any organization may submit a CHW curriculum to the South Carolina Community Health Worker Credentialing Council for consideration.

Core Competencies

South Carolina's CHW Core Competencies are expanded from those established in the National C3 Project. 

Review South Carolina's CHW Core Competencies here.

We are excited to begin the process of accepting and reviewing the CHW curriculum that meets
the SCCHWCC Core Competencies Training requirements. 
The best place to begin is with a conversation about the requirements, expectations, and the process. Please complete this form to request a time to meet.

Or email the Credentialing Council.

Once the application has been submitted, the Credentialing Council has 90 days to deliver a decision.
A denial requires greater than 60% of the Credentialing Council to vote in opposition. 
If the Council does not approve a submission, an organization has two opportunities to re-submit without an additional payment.

Any questions from the South Carolina Community Health Worker Credentialing Council are submitted in writing to the Applicant and must be addressed within two weeks of submission.


Applications must include: (applications not meeting these criteria will be rejected):

  • Completed SCCHWCC Core Competency Training Program Application 
  • A CHW in a leadership role for training 
  • Documentation of how core competencies link to your curriculum 
  • A method for ensuring an 80% attendance rate for those who graduate from the program 
  • A method of learner feedback-training evaluation and continuous quality improvements based on feedback
  • Documentation of how you use participatory learning 
  • Documentation of 80 hours of coursework and 80 hours of field placement
  • Documentation of the application process for CHW candidates
  • Position Descriptions for Trainers and Preceptors (requirements below)
  • $700 payment for application processing to SCCHWA

SCCHWCC does not approve Enduring (online, unfacilitated) Core Competency Training.

Submitted materials must provide/demonstrate the following: 

A curriculum with a minimum of 80 hours of facilitated learning time and 80 hours of Field Placement that provides relevant, accurate, and the curriculum and field placement must adequately cover all the SC CHW core competencies. 

An index that connects the SC Community Health Worker core competencies to the different components of the training program.

An application process that helps determine if the applicant meets the core qualities of a Community Health Worker and the CHW career is a good fit. 

Attendance tracking process.

Feedback & evaluation process.

A Participatory or Experiential Learning component is required for all approved curricula, and within each module addressing the SC Community Health Worker core competencies. In general, participatory training actively involves and motivates learners by drawing upon their own experience and skills in solving problems, using examples and situations of interest to them in their daily lives, and using a variety of new, enjoyable, and often visual teaching methods. (Bradley, S. (1995). Participatory learning. Retrieved from

A Field Placement component is required for all SC Community Health Worker core competencies. Training programs are expected to submit a plan and assessment process for the Field Placement. Training programs are responsible for ensuring successful field placement completion for students.

Approved training programs must demonstrate the qualifications of Trainers/Faculty. Trainers must have educational and experiential qualifications to perform their assigned duties, be knowledgeable in course content, and effectively teach assigned subjects. Principal faculty must be sufficient in number to meet the needs of enrolled students. In addition to the principal faculty, sufficient instructional faculty must provide students with the necessary attention, instruction, and supervised field placement experiences to acquire the knowledge and competence required for entry into the profession. Instructors that are CHWs must have 2 years working in a CHW position. Instructors who are not CHWs must have experience working in community health and co-teaching with a CHW.

Approved training programs must demonstrate the qualifications of the Preceptor. Preceptors must have at least two years of working in the scope of a Community Health Worker for two years. 

After completing an approved training program, students are eligible to take the SC CHW exam to become certified as a Community Health Worker. The exam fee is $50 per learner.

Core Competency Training Application