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Connecting the Dots training

Connecting the Dots training

Perinatal Mental Health and Substance Use

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Connecting the Dots training

Perinatal substance use is much more common than many of us realize, even amongst clients or patients you already treat. Substance misuse is a common coping strategy for people who are struggling with mental health conditions. Nationwide and in South Carolina, suicide and accidental overdose are leading causes of maternal mortality. Women and those with the capacity for pregnancy are most at risk for developing a substance use disorder during their reproductive years, but many maternal/child health professionals feel uncomfortable and ill-equipped in knowing how to support a pregnant or parenting client who is struggling with substance use. Lack of screening, intervention and referral to appropriate treatment has enormous consequences for birthing people, their infants, and our communities. Together, we can ensure that every maternal health and allied health professional in South Carolina is equipped with the data, knowledge and skill-set to recognize and effectively respond to substance use concerns during pregnancy, early parenthood, and with the birthing parent/child dyad.

Training module content:

1. Introduction to Substance Use during the Perinatal Period

2. Social Justice, Systemic Racism, and Perinatal Substance Use Disorders

3. Exploring Substance Misuse and the Regulatory System

4. Screening, Referrals, and Policies 

This training will be delivered in partnership with the University of Denver. 

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