South Carolina Legal Services Housing Law Center: Website

Posted By: Rashad Paige State Resources,

Dear Community Partners and Collaborators,

South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) is excited to announce the roll-out of a user-friendly website for those facing eviction or housing challenges in South Carolina.

Key features of the website include:


Comprehensive Eviction Resources: Users can access a variety of resources, with a focus on video resources.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the website ensures easy navigation and a visually engaging experience. Eviction can feel like an overwhelming process, so our goal was to break down our resources to match the different types and phases of eviction.

Legal Support: Users are given the option to apply for free legal services through South Carolina Legal Services directly from the website.

How You Can Get Involved

Explore the Resources: Visit to access the wealth of eviction resources available.
Spread the Word: Share this valuable resource with your networks, co-workers, clients, family, and friends by posting on social media and hosting the link on your website.

Provide Feedback: We would love your feedback on the website, positive or constructive criticism!

Our hope is that by providing these free resources and by arming people with the right information, we can help them navigate the complexities of eviction more confidently and reach those who may need our legal assistance.


Andrea E. Loney